Star Trek: Discovery Premiere Date

Fans waiting for the premiere of Star Trek: Discovery finally have a release date for the latest Star Trek television series.

Star Trek: Discovery will launch on Sunday, September 24, at 8:30 PM on CBS. Note that the time is “approximate” due to NFL football and 60 Minutes airing before the premiere.

The premiere will also be available “on-demand” from CBS All Access and on the same night as the premiere, the second episode of Discovery will be available on CBS All Access.

The first season will feature fifteen episodes. Each episode will release on Sunday evening. The first eight episodes will run from September 24 through November 5. The rest of the episodes will begin airing in January 2018.

For Canadians, the same release dates apply, but Canadians will watch it on the newly-launched Space GO app. The show will also be available on and on participating On Demand channels.

For the rest of the world who are lucky to see the show on Netflix, the premiere will be Monday, September 25. The first eight episodes will run from that date through Monday, November 6. The rest of the episodes will air in January 2018.

Source: Variety

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