Star Trek: Discovery – No One Is Safe

Be careful getting attached to characters in Star Trek: Discovery as they may well be killed off at some point.

Showrunners Aaron Harberts and Gretchen J. Berg tell fans that no one is safe on the new show. “Game of Thrones changed television,” said Berg. “They almost made it difficult to fall in love with people because you didn’t know if they were going to be taken away from you. That show’s had an influence on all TV dramas that have come after it.”

“Death isn’t treated gratuitously on this show,” said Harberts. “It’s not for shock value. But when it happens we want to make sure that people really feel it.”

Death is not unknown on Star Trek, of course. Main characters who died (and stayed dead) included Tasha Yar in The Next Generation, Jadzia Dax in Deep Space Nine and Trip Tucker in Enterprise. And of course, Captain Kirk was killed off in Star Trek: Generations.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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