Star Trek Adventures Ready For Pre-Order

Gamers waiting for Star Trek Adventures can now pre-order the game and accessories.

Star Trek Adventures will “use the Modiphius 2d20 game system designed by Jay Little. Modiphius is also sculpting an accompanying Star Trek miniature figure line, the first to be produced in seventeen years. Resin 32mm-heroic scale hobby figures will feature classic Star Trek characters and crews, boarding parties and away teams. Geomorphic tile maps of burning Federation ships, mysterious colonies and embattled Klingon cruisers will set the scene for dramatic new voyages on the Final Frontier.”

In addition to the game, fans can order various limited edition and collectible options and accessories including the 1701-D Collectible Core Rulebook, Away Team Standard Edition Core Rulebook, four sets of miniatures (original series crew, TNG crew, Klingon and Romulan sets), Giant Starfleet Edition Gamesmaster Screen, Q-Workshop custom dice, and Starfleet Geomorphic Deck Tiles.

The Limited Edition Borg Cube Box Set, which sells for approximately $500, will feature “the 1701-D edition of the Star Trek Adventures Core Rulebook, the four sets of miniatures, the three dice sets, exclusive giant Borg Edition Gamesmaster Screen, a poster map of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, Momentum and Threat game tokens, a pad of character sheets and a foam tray for storage of the miniatures.”

Head here to pre-order the game and/or accessories.

Source: Modiphiusvia Gamasutra

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