Pine: Why Wonder Woman

At first, Star Trek Beyond‘s Chris Pine had no interest in a role on Wonder Woman, but a meeting with Director Patty Jenkins changed his mind and he decided to take on the role of Steve Trevor.

“I had no interest in Wonder Woman,” he said. “I didn’t know much about it other than her being kind of an icon and what she looked like and it was Lynda Carter and all that. And Patty, as you know if you’ve met her, is so intense and passionate and clear and decisive and a master storyteller. I knew within fifteen minutes of meeting her that it was something I wanted to be a part of. I didn’t know why, I knew it was something I wanted to do.”

Pine will be “all but naked” in one encounter with Wonder Woman. This encounter is the first time Wonder Woman has seen a man in the nude and the encounter “leads to an interesting, innocent exchange between the two characters.”

“I actually knew I was going to do the movie because of that,” said Pine. “I felt like Kate Capshaw or something in Indiana Jones. It was just such a funny, such a male, such a dumb joke. It was a great moment. I really enjoyed that.”

Wonder Woman opens in theaters today.

Source: ABC7

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