Mulgrew: Politics In TV Shows

For Kate Mulgrew, sharing one’s political views in the context of a television show is easy.

Mulgrew, not a fan of President Donald Trump, explained how easy it would be to slip in political commentary in her Orange is the New Black show.

“The voice from Orange is the New Black reaches far and wide,” she said. “And because we are so globally successful, we could maybe cause a little tsunami. It will be interesting

“Do I think that [OITNB creator] Jenji Kohan is going to use this? I hope she does. You are looking at a Russian, aren’t you? I play a Russian. We don’t know much of Red’s backstory but we know the Russian mob [was] involved. So let’s go! I sent that up the flagpole. I told them, ‘If you want to play with the Russians, you’ve got your girl right here.’

“Jenji could play that card. She could play immigration. She could show disenfranchisement on every conceivable level. She has done the privatization of prisons beautifully. She will find a way to poke Trump that will be so clever, so insidious that it will be over his head. Because he is not smart. He will watch it, he will hear that it is happening but he won’t get it.”

Source: The Big Issue

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