3Doodler Star Trek 3D Crew Edition Pen Set

3Doodler recently launched a Kickstarter Gold campaign for six limited-edition Star Trek Crew Edition 3D Pen sets.

Each set comes with “limited-edition 3Doodler Create 3D pen, numbered engravings, an additional pack of plastic, special Star Trek Project Stencils and a special 3Doodler Star Trek Leather Pouch.”

The six sets include three from the original series (Command Division, Operations Division, Sciences Division) and three from The Next Generation (same three categories). Each kit is $99.99.

Already have a 3Doodler? No problem. 3Doodler is also offering a 3Doodler Create Star Trek Project Kit for $24.99. The kit includes Trek-themed projects, and plastic in “Star Trek specific colors.”

Once the project ends (twenty days from now), the 3Doodler Star Trek 3D Crew Edition Pen Set will be sold at ThinkGeek.

To order your pen set, head to the link located here. A video showcasing the set can also be seen there.

Source: StarTrek.com

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