New Ortiz Book This Autumn

A new Trek-themed art book by Juan Ortiz will make its debut this September.

The book is called Star Trek The Next Generation The Art of Juan Ortiz.

The Titan Books description of the book is as follows: “Following on from Juan Ortiz’s fabulous Original Series poster collection, this latest treat for art-loving Trek fans features one hundred-and-seventy-eight posters that capture the essence of The Next Generation. Inspired by indie-film and black-light posters, comics and rock/punk culture and showcasing Ortiz’s unique creative vision, this new installment of original Trek art is sure to delight fans worldwide.”

A limited-edition version of the book will make its debut at this summer’s San Diego Comic-con.

To pre-order Star Trek The Next Generation The Art of Juan Ortiz from Titan Books, head to the link located here. The book will cost $49.95.


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