Moonves On Star Trek: Discovery Debut

At the Milken Institute Global Conference yesterday, CBS CEO Les Moonves spoke about the forthcoming Star Trek: Discovery.

Moonves was talking about Hulu and why it was chosen to go with CBS All Access instead of Hulu, and during this discussion, he mentioned Star Trek: Discovery. “Hulu is a phenomenal thing and it is a great organization,” he said. “We felt it was odd taking our content, which is the family jewels, and putting it in an organization with our competitors. So we decided to go our own way and it was a different way to go. Hulu is wildly successful, but CBS All Access, we love what we are doing there. We obviously put The Good Wife spin-off [The Good Fight] there. We have Star Trek [Discovery] coming in the beginning of the fall. It’s going extremely well.”

As for Star Trek: Discovery, “Star Trek we could have sold anywhere,” said Moonves. “There was a bidding war within CBS because it is obviously a very valuable property. We also learned from Netflix. We put the other Star Trek series [on Netflix] and they did very well. They don’t share the information, but…we knew Star Trek did extremely well. They have a very loyal audience. We said ‘if we give them a good product, that they will come and they will pay for it. It will be special.’ And that is how we look at CBS All Access.”

To sign up for CBS All Access, which offers a free month trial, head to the link located here.

Source: TrekMovie

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