McFadden: Convention Fears

Gates McFadden can often be found at fan conventions these days but there was a time when she was very hesitant to do so for a very good reason.

Early in her career, McFadden was stalked by a “disturbed individual.” As a result of this, for many years she did not go to fan events.

“I was the last person in our group to go to conventions,” she said. “I was kind of scared of the fans.”

In 2014, she decided to go to the New York Comiccon and had a very positive experience. “There were so many people who lined up who wanted to be scientists, or who liked the strong female character,” she said. “I’ve been blown away by how resilient some people are. I’ve had people who watched the show while they were in hospital. I’ve had someone in their thirties start crying when they met me.”

McFadden will be appearing at the Ottawa Comiccon which takes place this weekend.

Source: Ottawa Citizen

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