McConnell As A Star Trek: Discovery Klingon

Claire McConnell, who has signed on as a Klingon for Star Trek: Discovery, spoke about being cast as a Klingon and working on the new Trek series.

While we heard that she was cast only recently, McConnell has known since last year. “I’m very excited,” she said. “I’ve known since December, so I’ve been hiding it from all my friends.”

The actress landed the role after one audition and has been busy trying to perfect her Klingon language skills, going so far as to take lessons with a dialect coach. “Each series is such a classic thing, but also such an innovative thing,” she said. “The actors have really been encouraged to make it their own. I’ve even been encouraged to make the Klingon language my own.”

McConnell added that as usual for Trek productions, there is a lot of secrecy but that the ships for the show look incredible and her costume is very cool.

Source: TrekCore

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