Hallmark 2017 Star Trek Ornaments

This weekend, Hallmark released its Dream Book and Trek fans could see a preview of the Star Trek-themed ornaments that will make their debut this summer.

There will be two regular ornaments this year, plus one convention-exclusive.

The two regular ornaments are the USS Franklin from Star Trek Beyond ($32.95), and something for The Next Generation fans, The Picard-Data Keepsake Ornament ($29.95).

The USS Franklin lights up, and the Picard-Data ornament features dialogue from The Next Generation.

The convention-exclusive ornament will be a battle-damaged USS Enterprise NCC-1701-C as seen in Yesterday’s Enterprise. This ornament will be available at San Diego’s Comic-Con International, The Official Las Vegas 2017 Star Trek Convention, and the New York Comic Con. If you live in flyover country then you’re out of luck, sorry to say.

On August 19, Hallmark will also offer more in their Trek itty bittys line; this time a two-pack featuring Geordi LaForge and Data. And look for a Picard/Worf two pack, which comes with a plush Enterprise-D.

The Hallmark Dream Book can be found here.

Source: TrekCore

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