Two IDW Publishing Trek Comics Debut Tomorrow

Two Trek-themed comics will make their appearances tomorrow.

In Star Trek/Green Lantern: Stranger Worlds Volume 2 #5, “the blockbuster event of 2017 continues here as the fight for the future of the Green Lantern Corps erupts! Can Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise stop Sinestro from conquering the planet Oa for himself? Or is it too late to stop the green light of Hal Jordan’s ring from fading forever?”

Written by Mike Johnson with art by Angel Hernandez and cover by Mark Roberts, the thirty-two page issue will sell for $3.99.

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Also coming out tomorrow is Star Trek: New Visions #15: The Traveler. In this John Byrne issue, “a mysterious Traveller is pursued by a ruthless robotic horde. Or is he? Jim Kirk must answer that question before his ship and crew are lost!”

Star Trek: New Visions #15 will cost $7.99.

Source: Flickering Mythvia TFAW

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