Shatner Joins Alliance

The original series’ William Shatner will be working with Solar Alliance Energy, Inc. to “promote the benefits of solar energy through an exciting public awareness campaign titled ‘Join the Alliance — Save Money, Save the World.’ Mr. Shatner will bring his unique brand of passion and humor to help promote the many benefits of solar energy.”

Shatner will have a solar system installed in his Los Angeles home as part of the campaign.

“The benefits of solar energy are significant and I am pleased to work with Solar Alliance on this public awareness campaign,” said Shatner. “I am committed to creating a better world through action and this is one small step towards a cleaner future that is less dependent on fossil fuels.”

“We are excited to be working with Mr. Shatner to raise awareness of the benefits of solar energy,” said Chairman and CEO Jason Bak. “Mr. Shatner is committed to environmental sustainability and those ideals align perfectly with the Solar Alliance mission. This public awareness campaign will provide a platform for Solar Alliance to create new customers and deliver the benefits of solar to thousands of new customers. Our goal is to create a national alliance of homeowners and businesses that benefit from the low cost and positive environmental benefits of solar energy.”

Source: Yahoo! Finance

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