Quinto In Aardvark

Star Trek Beyond‘s Zachary Quinto has produced and is starring in the comedy Aardvark.

In Aardvark, Quinto plays Josh, who “goes into therapy with a social worker named Emily (Jenny Slate). Josh suffers from an unusual condition that involves his envisioning his brother, Craig (Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm), who is an actor, in various guises from a bag lady to a police officer. Then when Craig returns home to settle a real estate transaction, he ends up becoming romantically involved with Emily.”

“This is ultimately a film about three people who are lost to themselves, and the only way they can find their way is through each other,” said Quinto. “Hannah [Sheila Vand] exists as this kind of ephemeral catalyst to bring them together in a way, to wake Josh up and allow him to get to a place where he can connect.”

Quinto also spoke about therapy in the movie and the importance of therapy in real life.” I like what [therapy] explores about Emily,” he said. “I like this idea of a therapist who is entirely ill-equipped to help the patients she so desperately wants to help. But I also think it’s a question of how much of her motivation to help her patients is an endeavor to help herself. I think she realizes that she’s a little bit out of her depth with Josh, and yet she charges forward anyway. I like the dynamic of Emily and Josh, and Emily and Craig. It gets messy. It gets complicated.

“I’ve been in therapy for over a decade. I love it. I think it’s [an] enormously powerful tool in life to go deeper and expand my understanding of myself and the world. I feel grateful to have the time and the resources to do it. I know not everybody does. I’ve taken advantage of that. I am deep in it. I’ve been with one therapist in L.A. for six and a half years, and then another for two and a half years, and a person I see here in New York for four years. For me, it’s important. I don’t think I’d be as available to my experiences and my relationships. Luckily, my therapists have all been really good.”

Aardvark recently made its premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Source: Salon

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