New Trek-Themed WizKids Attack Wing Line

WizKids will be expanding their current Star Trek: Attack Wing line, and will also offer “new and returning” Trek-themed products.

The new offerings include the Star Trek: Attack Wing Faction Packs and Star Trek: Attack Wing Card Packs. The card packs will include: cards, token sheets, and dial connector pieces. Most of the cards and tokens will be new.

The faction packs will include: four pre-painted ships with cards, token sheets, dial connector pieces, bases and pegs. As with the card packs, many cards and tokens will be brand-new.

The card packs will arrive this summer, and the faction packs will arrive in early autumn.

Fans will also be able to enjoy the Star Trek: Deep Cuts Unpainted Miniatures. In these packs, there will be one “highly detailed ship, pre-primed with Acrylicos Vallejo primer, and [which will] include deep cuts for easier painting.” There will also be a base, pegs, a connector piece and decal sheet (when applicable). Look for this in the summer.

Star Trek: Frontiers: The Return of Khan Expansion Set is a follow-up expansion for the Star Trek: Frontiers games.

Star Trek Tactics is a tactical combat game system that will feature over two dozen new premium pre-painted ships. Expect it early this fall.

Finally, also this autumn, expect Star Trek HeroClix Away Team: The Original Series. This game will include the “most-iconic” characters from the original series including Kirk, Spock, Uhura and more.


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