Two Trek Actors To Appear At Gaaays In Spaaace

Two Deep Space Nine actors will be appearing at the Gaays in Spaaace Equality Celebration Tour when it arrives in New York City.

The first Gaaays In Spaaace celebration took place in Las Vegas last summer during Creation Entertainment’s Annual Star Trek Convention and was so well-received, that it was decided to have more celebrations in more cities.

The next Gaaays in Spaaace Equality Celebration will take place in New York City on Tuesday, March 21 at the Hardware Bar in Hells Kitchen. The event will be hosted by Paige Turner and will feature a gay-themed sci-fi costume contest.

Nana Visitor and J.G. Hertzler will be appearing at this celebration, which will begin at 7 PM. For tickets, head to the link located here.

Expect to see Gaaays in Spaaace in more cities in 2017, including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New Jersey, San Francisco, and Chicago.

Source: Gaaays in Spaaace

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