Stewart: The Next Generation Actors Taught Me To Laugh

Back in the day, Sir Patrick Stewart was known as a serious, business-only type actor, but his fellow The Next Generation actors changed that attitude.

“I was so boring and tiresome,” said Stewart to Conan O’Brien during an appearance on O’Brien’s show last night. “I had this thing about discipline and I felt that the cast, my fellow castmembers were a little unruly at times. [There were] too many jokes, too much fooling around, [and] singing songs, so I called a meeting. This was quite early on in the season and I said ‘All right, look guys, we’re only here for part of the day. There are a lot of people who are here all day long, every day, no matter what we do and how much time we have off. I think we should think about them and we should try to get on with the work more often, focus on what we are doing and really concentrate and keep the days as short as possible.'”

“We have to have some fun,” said Denise Crosby.

“We are *not* here to have fun!” Stewart told her emphatically.

Today, “that guy would not have accepted the Emoji role,” said Stewart, who has obviously mellowed out since then.

The embed link provided seems to be faulty, but you can see the video by heading over Conan’s site, located here.

Source: Team Coco

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