Star Trek-Themed Hoodies And T-Shirts

Five different Trek-themed hoodies and t-shirts are now available for purchase.

They include designs based on The Borg, Starfleet, the Klingons and Star Trek: Enterprise.

The first shirts are for fans of the Borg. The Assimilate or Die Hoodie features the face of a Borg and the phrase “Assimilate or die.” The hoodie costs $49.99 and the t-shirt costs $24.95. Sizes range from small through XXL.

Next up is an Enterprise M.A.C.O. t-shirt. The M.A.C.O.s (Military Assault Command Operations) appeared in quite a few Enterprise episodes, beginning in 2153 (The Xindi). The t-shirt features the M.A.C.O. logo; a triangle with a shark in it and the words M.A.C.O. and Enterprise. The t-shirt, which also comes in small through XXL, sells for $24.95.

Another Enterprise-themed shirt (and hoodie) features the Star Trek: Enterprise patch. The hoodie costs $49.95 and the t-shirt costs $24.95.

Four Klingon-themed t-shirts will be of interest to fans of the race. Each black shirt features a Klingon saying (in Klingon) in red, over a Klingon logo. Choose from: Honor Is More Important Than Life; May You Die Well;, top Talking, Drink; To Really Succeed, You Must Enjoy Eating Poison, or Klingons suck! (Just kidding on the latter…Romulan fan here). Each t-shirt costs $24.95.

Finally, a t-shirt and hoodie will be of interest to fans of Starfleet Academy. “See the Galaxy, Join Starfleet” is on the front the shirt or hoodie, below a “colorful image of the Enterprise in flight.” The hoodie is $49.95 and the t-shirt is $25.95.

All of the shirts can be ordered here.


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