Star Trek Ransomware

Starfleet would surely disapprove of a new ransomware making the rounds.

The Kirk Ransomware requires a program named Spock to decrypt files encrypted by it, once the victim pays Monero (a cryptocurrency similar to bitcoin) to the criminals responsible for the program.

The victim will see a black-and-white computer-generated picture of Kirk and Spock, with the message: “Oh no! The Kirk ransomware has encrypted your files!”

Then the victim receives a message with the heading “Spock to the Rescue!” He’s informed that for a fee, he can get his files decrypted. However, there is a time limit. The longer he waits, the more it will cost and after a month without payment, the files are gone forever.

The ransomware is Troj/Ransom-EJN.

Source: Naked Security

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