Star Trek Discovery Rumor

As fans wait impatiently for the premiere of Star Trek Discovery, slated for late summer or early autumn, they have to content themselves with casting news, or rumors. And indeed, a rumor has emerged regarding the USS Discovery and the USS Shenzhou.

First off, these are rumors and there is no way to know if they are true or a load of rubbish. But it’s fun to speculate and since there is no hard news on the show, what the heck. Enjoy! Secondly, just in case, if you’re avoiding potential spoilers, look away now.

Supposedly the USS Shenzhou is really the USS Discovery. How does this happen? “After an unfortunate set of circumstances in the first episode, the Shenzhou is left badly damaged and almost beyond repair. The original Shenzhou will have more of a ‘chromey’ familiar Federation feel, but once refitted, repaired and renamed to the USS Discovery, the ship will look a little different as you might have seen from the original teaser trailer of the Discovery rolling out of drydock. I am told there are reasons for the gold/copper look of the ship and a solid explanation for the shape.”


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