Siddig Voices River of Pain

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine‘s Alexander Siddig will be appearing in a new audio play, titled Alien: River of Pain.

Alien: River of Pain is set between the first and second Alien films, and is the story of the birth and backstory of Alien‘s Newt. It “explores the destruction of Hadley’s Hope, a research and mining colony in 2157.”

“I’m a massive commercial movie freak,” said Siddig. “I sort of lost track of the Alien movies a bit – quite a lot got made! But I really enjoyed the first one and was always interested in watching the subsequent ones.

“Recording this, I recognized a lot of the tropes. A young child, vulnerable, a big empty space station, lots of eggs…very suspenseful and terrifying situations which is pretty much the refrain of most of the Alien movies.”

Siddig will take on the role of the “ruthless” Doctor Reese. “He puts science above everything – and puts everybody at enormous risk because of it,” said Siddig. “I’d like to say, ‘But he has a heart’ – but I’m not sure he does. I couldn’t find it.”

Others involved in Alien: River of Pain include Anna Friel, Philip Glenister, Michelle Ryan, Colin Salmon and Mark Warren.

Alien: River of Pain can be pre-ordered here. It will be released on April 26.

Source: Digital Spy

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