Deep Space Nine Documentary Fundraising Is A Huge Success

There is less than a day left in the campaign to raise funds for the Deep Space Nine documentary, What We Left Behind: Looking Back at Star Trek: Deep Space Nine; and the good news is that not only was the project funded, but it hit every stretch goal as well.

There were four stretch goals, ranging from $250,000 to $500,000 and all four were met. Donations raised thus far have totaled almost $600,000. The stretch goals will enable the team to: make the film ninety minutes instead of the original sixty minutes, add an original score with a live orchestra, add an extended writers’ room feature, film additional round-table interviews with DS9 cast members and fans (feel free to contact me, guys!), include select show clips in hi-def and work with Doug Drexler to render original CGI models in hi-def.

Ira Steven Behr and the team working on the documentary posted a special thank you video today (seen below) which included a special guest who popped in to give his thanks as well.

If you haven’t donated, there is still time. New perks have been added, including: a chocolate tour with Chase Masterson in London ($900), Los Angeles, or Las Vegas; a Garak shirt signed by Andy Robinson and framed to put on a wall plus an Elim Garak Warp Factor Series 5 action figure ($700); and another DS9 Crew Jacket and Baseball cap from Terry Farrell.

Source: DS9 Documentary Indiegogo Page

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