Adam Nimoy Explains Brooks’ Absence

Deep Space Nine fans wondering why Avery Brooks is not (so far) involved in the Deep Space Nine documentary in progress have an answer courtesy of Adam Nimoy.

“We are still reaching out to Avery,” said Nimoy, “but as Ira told me…Avery did not want to be involved with another ‘talking heads’ documentary about the show, which is something that we agree with.

“We are trying to find new ways to tell the story of Deep Space Nine without relying so heavily on talking heads interviews. We have more muscle now to tell the story, so it’s a challenge. We are still interested in reaching out to Avery, and finding out if he’d be willing to participate in any way. We’re not done exploring that avenue, but if need be we’re going to have to find archival interviews and supporting material from him to add to the film.”

Hopefully, Brooks will change his mind.

In other news about the documentary, the $425,000 stretch goal has been met, which means backers who have spent or who will spend $35.00 or more, will receive an extra perk; a free digital copy of the soundtrack for the documentary, once it’s available.

The fundraising for What We Left Behind has eight days to go.

Source: TrekMovie

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