Saldana Adds New Tat

Zoe Saldana has a new tattoo, and this one is in honor of her husband Marco Perego.

The actress had the face of Perego tattooed on her left rib. “We’re those kind of people,” she said. “Oh, come on, be happy for us. He’s had my face on his arm, so it’s only fair.”

Saldana explained why the tattoo was placed where it was. “You want it to be in a place that’s private, that you only show when you’re, like, in a bathing suit,” she said. “And I’ve been wanting to get it for two years…but I finally got it.”

A Google search revealed the perfect image of her husband that Saldana ended up using. “I remember when I first started dating Marco and I went online because I know he’s was an artist,” she said. “So I looked him up and a picture came up. I thought it was a nice profile of his so that was the picture I wanted to have.”

Source: Eurweb

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