Klingon Discovery Costumes Revealed

A picture posted on social media this weekend may have revealed the new look of the Klingons that will be seen when Star Trek Discovery airs later this year.

“Hanging out with my new Klingon Crew today on set of the new #startrek,” said the poster, who removed the photo once they became the talk of the Star Trek world.

When asked though, if they were truly Klingons, he said that he couldn’t confirm or deny that the picture was that of the warrior race. “I just thought they kinda looked like them,” he said.

But last year, Bryan Fuller remarked that they would get to “re-imagine all the alien species that we’ve seen before in the series, and do something a little unique with that,” so it may very well be that these are the new look Klingons.

Source: TrekCore

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