Frakes: We’re Family

For Jonathan Frakes, one of the benefits of having worked on Star Trek: The Next Generation was the new family of friends that was created by the actors who worked together for seven years on the show.

“It is such a great family,” he said. “We see a lot of each other at the conventions, as you can imagine. Our show in particular, was like lightning in a bottle. We have been friends for thirty years, we have stood up at each other’s weddings, we are God parents to each other’s kids. We are very, very, very fortunate and we are very well aware of it.”

That family even extends beyond The Next Generation and includes actors from other Trek incarnations. “I go to [William] Shatner‘s for his Super Bowl Sunday,” Frakes said.

In addition to the conventions which he attends, Frakes is still busy in Hollywood as a director. “I just finished a series called Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce on Bravo,” he said, “and I am actually going on to Seth MacFarlane‘s new series as a director, which is a Star Trek spoof called Orville.

“My series that I produce and direct, The Librarians, just got picked up for a fourth season and I am hoping to do the new Star Trek series, Discovery, so I am booked up, which is great.”

Source: CBCNews

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