Todd Joins Star Trek Online

Actor Tony Todd, best-known to Trek fans as Worf’s brother Kurn, will be voicing that character in the Star Trek Online game.

Todd will take on the role of General Rodek in the game. Rodek was the new identity given to Kurn, Worf’s brother, in the Deep Space Nine episode Sons of Mogh.

Here is the description of the Star Trek Online character: “When Kurn’s identity is changed to Rodek, the individual aspects of his appearance alter in a more subtle way – but together they form a much different looking character. The folds in his forehead are different; he loses the hair on his chin; the shape of his eyebrows change; and most of all, his outward demeanor is not as dark as it was once was – though some may wonder if he remembers anything at all of his painful past.”

No word yet on when Rodek will appear in the game; the only information provided said “in an upcoming update.”

Source: Star Trek Online

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