Star Trek Online: The Tzenkethi

A new enemy force, the Tzenkethi, is coming to Star Trek Online on P.C. in Season Twelve.

The Tzenkethi “are a force that can match any member of the Alliance. They’re a militant warp-capable species, and they’re highly intelligent. From the beginning, we knew we wanted a fight with the Tzenkethi to be a fight you could get better at by knowing more about them. Your first fight with them will probably be your most difficult one.”

Character Artist Joe Jing explained the difficulty of creating this formidable foe.

“These guys were absolutely one of the most challenging of any of STO species – in the ranks of difficulty comparable to the Bluegills and Undine,” he said. “Because of the extra arms, tail, and extreme body proportions, there was a lot of back and forth, revisions, and collaboration across many departments throughout the process before it came to the final game versions”

“The reptilian-type Tzenkethi have “dragon-like heads, rhino-like skin and four arms,” said Jing. ” Two arms are really strong and two are weaker for nimble, precise handling. Their backs have a set of bony plaques that give the impression of a turtle-like shell, giving these already powerful creatures one less weak spot. Fully armored, each individual Tzenkethi resembles a walking weapons platform.”

More Tzenkethi artwork can be found at the referring site.

Source: Arc Games

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