Directors Pay Tribute To Yelchin

The last two films featuring Anton Yelchin are premiering at this year’s Sundance Film Festival and the directors of both films spoke about the actor, who died tragically last year in a freak auto accident.

Corey Finley, director of Thoroughbred, remembered Yelchin’s kindness. I remember we had a wrap party and toward the end of the night Anton just volunteered to start giving people rides home, crew and everyone, he was doing rounders,” he said. “He was just that kind of generous guy, and would sort of enjoy each of those rides home. He always loved conversing with anyone.”

He was “an incredibly inspiring person,” added co-star Anya Taylor-Joy.

Mark Palansky, director of Rememory, said that Yelchin was “mesmerizing to watch” in that movie. “It’s still a bit surreal to be honest. It’s not something that I’ve fully processed part of his legacy.”

The Sundance Film Festival is currently taking place in Park City, Utah and runs through January 29.

Source: Variety

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