Star Trek: Deviations Comic

A new comic from IDW Publishing will answer the question “What would have happened had First Contact occurred between Romulus and Earth, and not Vulcan and Earth?”

“In a world where the Romulans discovered Earth before the Vulcans, Earth is now a brutal penal colony,” said the description of the comic. “Resistance fighter William Riker has uncovered a vast conspiracy, and together with his band of prisoner outlaws (you just might recognize a few!), must fight to rescue a mysterious prisoner in the darkest level of the Romulan dungeons. The only man on Earth that still holds the key to humanity’s return to the stars!”

Written by Donny Cates with art and a cover by Josh Hood, Star Trek: Deviations will be forty pages in length and will cost $4.99. Expect to see this issue in March of 2017.

Source: IO9

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