Fuller: Why I Left Star Trek: Discovery

For Bryan Fuller, stepping down as Star Trek: Discovery showrunner was “bittersweet.”

“Ultimately, with my responsibilities [elsewhere], I could not do what CBS needed to have done in the time they needed it done for Star Trek,” said Fuller. “It felt like it was best for me to focus on landing the plane with American Gods and making sure that was delivered in as elegant and sophisticated a fashion as I could possibly do.”

“It is bittersweet,” he added. “But it was just a situation that couldn’t be resolved otherwise…so I had to step away.”

Fuller is still an executive producer on the series, due to debut in May, but he has no “active involvement” with it. “I’m not involved in production, or post-production, so I can only give them the material I’ve given them and hope that it is helpful for them,” he said. “I’m curious to see what they do with it. They have my number and if they need me I will absolutely be there for them.”

Source: Newsweek

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