ThinkGeek Trek Collection By Her Universe

A new collection of Trek-themed clothing will be of interest to Star Trek fans.

There are plenty of items including outerwear, dresses, blazers, skirts, t-shirts, scarves, and pin sets and brooch sets.

Stay toasty warm this winter, in a Star Trek Tribble Faux Fur Coat ($89.99), which you can wear over the red Star Trek Bardot Party Dress ($79.99).

Or perhaps try the Star Trek TNG Mesh-Top Collar Tee, which comes in three different colors (gold, blue, red), and comes with rank pips.

In all, there are: three jackets, one blazer, two dresses, three skirts, two tees, two scarves, pins and brooches.

To see the full collection, head to the link located here.

Source: ThinkGeek

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