Payne: Star Trek Beyond’s Wadjet

Star Trek Beyond‘s Dan Payne spoke about getting to play an alien, Wadjet, in the movie.

“I was a security officer, and originally I was going to be the character that tries to protect them in the jail cell,” said Payne. “The way it worked out, it got cut down a fair bit. It was kind of cool, I did help them escape and lift the door. I was kind of the big brutish security officer alien.”

Payne had nothing but praise for the stars of the movie. “Those people are so unbelievably talented and on top of their game,” he said. “Just to be around them and experience their process in action, as actors, was an invaluable experience and education for me. I kind of feel like I got to be a secret spy, watching that world all hidden behind that makeup. I’m honored to be part of the Star Trek franchise, period, but to be around those amazingly talented actors and [director] Justin Lin as well was something to hopefully absorb.”

Wearing the prosthetics and makeup helped Payne to get into his role. “I get to birth a creature from concept to reality,” he said. “The makeup is the core of it, and Joel Harlow is a wizard. He made phenomenal, elaborate and unique creatures for this. Once the makeup is on, it’s a collaborative process but it’s pretty neat to have the makeup sort of speak to you when you look in the mirror and see how the face moves. For me, the personality comes through that makeup and that exploration of how it all looks and moves. You try to make it more unique than just a human with a mask on.”

Payne will be seen next in Devil in the Dark, due out next year.

Source: Real Style Network

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