New Products From The Coop

Two new products from The Coop will be of interest to Trek fans.

The products include a Klingon mug and a set of collector’s pins.

The Star Trek Klingon Replica Mug, made of stainless steel, will let Klingons enjoy twenty-two ounces of bloodwine. The mug comes with a recipe for the strong brew.

To order the Klingon mug, which sells for $24.99, head to the link located here.

Next up is the Star Trek 50th Anniversary Collectible Pins set. This set is made up of sixteen designs, including one rare “chase piece” pin. The regular pins include Kirk, Spock, Sulu, Uhura, Picard, Data, Word, a Gorn, a phaser, Captain’s chair (Kirk’s), tricorder, communicator, shuttlecraft, and two USS Enterprises.

Sold separately for $15.00 each, the pins can be ordered here. Note that the link isn’t working properly at the moment, but check back.


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