Chrysler: Yelchin Caused Own Death

In battling a lawsuit brought by Anton Yelchin‘s parents, Fiat Chrysler, the company who manufactured the car, is blaming Yelchin for his own death.

Yelchin was caused in a freak accident last summer when his Jeep Grand Cherokee pinned him between the vehicle and a brick pillar at his home in the San Fernando Valley.

The company has responded to the lawsuit, asking to be removed from the case because they had “nothing to do with the accident.” The reasoning they gave included a statement saying that the actor’s “misuse, misapplication, or damage” of his vehicle lead to the accident that killed the actor.

According to TMZ, the dealer seems to be “hinting [Yelchin] made aftermarket changes that damaged the SUV.”

Chrysler also claims that Yelchin’s parents have not “preserved the vehicle” since the tragic accident, and therefore, “critical evidence” has been “compromised.”

Source: Ifpress

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