Trek-Themed Halloween Pumpkins

It’s Halloween and one man’s skills in pumpkin carving will put yours (and mine!) to shame.

Alex Wer (The Pumpkin Kin) has made dozens of pumpkins with many of them being sci-fi themed. He has an entire category devoted to Star Trek, as well as one devoted to “Trek Gals.”


The Trek-themed pumpkins include Spock, The USS Enterprise, Riker, Picard, Old Spock, Worf, Data, Kirk, Pike, LaForge, Q, a TNG-themed one, Kirk (Pine version), older Kirk, and much more.


“Trek Gals” include T’Pol, Seven of Nine, Dax, Troi, B’Elanna, Chapel, Kira, Janeway, and more.

Wer’s pumpkins can be seen here.

Source: The Pumpkin Geek

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