Star Trek Beyond Bonus Feature Clips

In a behind-the-scenes clip from Star Trek Beyond, Simon Pegg and Justin Lin talk about some of the decisions made in creating the movie.

A second bonus clip features Pegg and Sofia Boutella, discussing her character Jaylah.

In the first clip, Pegg explained why the Enterprise comes upon a former Federation ship on a previously unexplored planet. “We loved the idea of them thinking that they were the first humans somewhere,” said Pegg, “and discovering they absolutely weren’t and that there was this old Federation technology there.”

Lin spoke about the action sequences and the use of “archaic equipment,” such as the motorcycle. “I wanted this Trek to have more texture and be tactile,” said Lin. “And there’s nothing more tactile than when the tires meet the dirt.”

“Justin, to his credit,” said Pegg, “was like, ‘should I do this? People always kind of associate me with land transport movement.’ But it just felt like another nice anachronism that would be fun. And we also like the idea of [Kirk] having to use very old human things to try to win out.”

When taking over the reins of the movie, Lin had spoken with J.J. Abrams and Lin mentally referred back to that conversation when making decisions. “I remember my initial conversation with J.J. — he was kind of handing over the keys, and saying, ‘Just be bold, make it yours.’ I tried to take that to heart and I feel like every frame of this film, whether it’s a big action sequence or some small decision, I go back to that initial conversation of being bold. And I think that will show for everybody that watches the film.”

In the second clip, the topic was Jaylah. Boutella, who portrayed the character, said that at first Jaylah was “defensive,” while Lin explained that she had this “sense of innocence but also this quality of strength that is not manufactured.”

Jaylah was a “kind of adept young sort of engineer, someone who has a mechanical skill which impresses him,” said Pegg.

Source: EWvia

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