Shatner: They Never Had Faith In Trek

According to William Shatner, the studios never seemed to have faith in Star Trek.

“The whole experience with Star Trek has been a surprise for everybody, including the people in the studios,” he said. “During all the movies I made, they expected it to be the last one. Rather than storing them, they would destroy the sets, as they figured that would be the last iteration of it. Then a year later or so the demand would swell so they would have to build the sets again.

“Nobody ever expected it, from the moment of inception, to the movies now.”

Shatner had some advice for those creating Star Trek: Discovery, set to debut next year. “The people behind Star Trek need to know that humanity is what great science fiction is.

“The ride [and] these great effects on a large screen are a great part of this new sci-fi milieu, but deep beneath that is the essence of a great story, and sometimes it can get lost.”

Source: Digital Spy

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