President Obama The Trek Fan

President Obama spoke about Star Trek and what the show means to him.

“Absolutely,” he said, when asked if he was a Star Trek fan. “I was a sucker for Star Trek when I was a kid.”

The show endured, said Obama, because of its stories. “What made the show I think lasting,” he said, “was it wasn’t actually just about technology. It was about values and human relationships.

“It was really talking about a notion of a common humanity and a confidence in our ability to solve problems.”

The ability to solve problems is also what the President loves about America. “I do think that what I love most about America…that spirit of ‘oh, we can figure this out,'” he said.

“If we ever lose that spirit,” he added, “then we’re gonna lose what’s essential about America and what I think is essential about being human.

“I think Star Trek like any good story says that we’re all complicated and we all have a little bit of Spock and a little bit of Kirk and a little bit of Scotty, maybe some Klingon in us, right?”

Source: Wired

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