Pegg Speaks To An ISS Astronaut

Simon Pegg spoke about Star Trek Beyond with Astronaut Kate Rubins, currently aboard the International Space Station.

“That is fantastic,” he said. “I have never spoken to anyone in space before.”

“I got a chance to watch your movie [Star Trek: Beyond], said Rubins, “and I think probably I have the best view because I watched it from our cupola, which is our windows that are facing the Earth.”

“That is incredible,” replied Pegg.

Rubins went on to compliment the movie, saying that “your special effects guys get it [Yorktown] right. It absolutely feels like a space station.”

At the end of the chat, Pegg volunteered his services to the ISS. “If you need a chief engineer to come and fix your warp core, you know where I am.”

Source: USA Today

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