Anovos Star Trek Patches

Two new Star Trek patches have been released by Anovos in honor of Star Trek‘s Fiftieth Anniversary.

One patch is a USS Franklin patch from Star Trek Beyond. “The USS Franklin holds a dear place of our Trek fan hearts, as it is a dedication ship,” said Anovos. “Justin Lin named the ship after his father, Frank Lin, and the registration number is Leonard Nimoy‘s birthday. We were debating whether we would do the Franklin crew jumpsuit or not. The one item from the jumpsuit that everyone wanted was…the patch. It’s the first real bridge between the Prime universe and the Kelvin universe we really get to hold in our hands.”

The second patch is the 50th Anniversary Insignia Patch, which “melds the commemorative Fiftieth log with the Command Division insignia of the original series.”

“The 50th Anniversary Delta Patch draws inspiration and materials from the Starfleet insignia patches worn in TOS,” said Anovos.

The patches will make their debut at the New York Comic-Con, which takes place this weekend. Pick yours up at booth 2155. The patches will cost $10.00 each.


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