Abrams: Handing Over the Reins of Star Trek

In a recent interview, J.J. Abrams explained his choice to move on from Star Trek and how he viewed the director that took over for him.

“It was clear that having made two of these movies, that having another director come in to bring his or her point of view and voice to the proceedings was the right move,” he said.

Abrams rarely directs sequels to his movies, with Star Trek into Darkness being an exception to that rule. His preference is for shifting into a producer’s role if a sequel is made.

The choice of Justin Lin as director gave Abrams confidence that a good sequel would be made. Lin, said Abrams, “had obviously proven himself again and again as an incredibly strong storyteller, filmmaker with movies and incredible energy and action. But what struck me more than that was his love of Star Trek. He grew up a lifetime fan of what Gene Roddenberry created. And when he spoke about the characters, he talked about them in a way that felt very much from the inside out. So I felt real excited to see how he was going to bring his love of the characters to life.”

Source: The Huffington Post

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