Trek Guest Stars On Blunt Talk

Blunt Talk, Sir Patrick Stewart‘s latest project, will begin its second season on October 2, and some familiar Trek co-stars will appear on the show this season.

In Blunt Talk, Stewart plays Walter Blunt, a Stephen Colbert-type character as a British TV host of a cable news show. Blunt, is a borderline alcoholic who presents a nightly interview show and deals with his network bosses, staff and family.

Brent Spiner will return again this season, reprising his role of Phil the pianist, who plays at a bar that Blunt frequents.

Stewart’s son Daniel Stewart (Batai on The Inner Light) will return as Blunt’s boxer son Rafe.

Golden Brooks (Alicia Travers in Star Trek: Enterprise Storm Front I and II) will appear as Blunt’s ex-wife Vivian, and Ed Begley (Star Trek: Voyager: Future’s End I and II) will return as Blunt’s producer-manager’s husband Rosalie.

Blunt Talk will air on STARZ.


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