Star Trek – The Undiscovered Future

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A new radio show from BBC 4 Radio will explore whether the progressive and optimistic future featured in Star Trek has actually come to pass.

“How far have we voyaged towards Star Trek‘s vision of the future and what of it is likely to be fulfilled or remain undiscovered in the next fifty years?”

Host Kevin Fong will present “archive material of the likes of Leonard Nimoy (Spock) and Nichelle Nichols (Lieutenant Uhura) talking about the inception and filming of the original Star Trek series, and their thoughts about Roddenberry’s vision.”

George Takei will lament “the ethnically divisive politics of the United States in 2016.

Fong also meets Charles Bolden, “the first African American to both command a shuttle mission and lead NASA as its chief administrator. In the age of the International Space Station, he compares himself to the ‘Admiral of Star Fleet’. But the former astronaut also talks about the anger he first felt in 1994 when he was asked to fly the first Russian cosmonaut ever to board an American space shuttle.”

Trek fan Samira Ahmed discusses the sexual and racial politics of the original series.

Rod Roddenberry, the television producer son of Gene Roddenberry, speaks about “his father, his father’s politics and creative vision, and why Star Trek still endures, even though its future remains unattained.”

Star Trek – The Undiscovered Future, will air on BBC 4 Radio beginning tomorrow.

Source: BBC 4 Radio

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