Star Trek Online: Agents Of Yesterday Update

A new update for Star Trek Online: Agents Of Yesterday will launch next month.

The update, Agents of Yesterday – Artifacts, will be available on October 25, with a brand-new episode and story arc that will “carry Star Trek Online through the next year, a Star Trek: The Original Series-themed Starbase Fleet Holding, plus all of the new modern lighting upgrades that were recently featured in the console version of the game.”

In the new story arc, “Captains will be reunited with the Lukari, a warp-capable species originally introduced in Season 11 that seeks to expand their exploratory efforts. Players will accompany the Lukari on a mission to an alien solar system, where they will discover the joys of exploration, the dangers of unknown space, and begin to unravel a mystery that will have long lasting consequences.

Agents of Yesterday – Artifacts also includes the return of the Starbase K-13, which was lost during Agents of Yesterday to a temporal anomaly. This space station will be available to all fleets as part of the new Star Trek: The Original Series themed Fleet Holding. In addition to our new story episode and this amazing new fleet holding, the update will feature upgraded lighting and graphics, designed to improve the overall visual quality of the game.”

More details on Artifacts can be found here.

Note to those waiting for the Star Trek Online code winners list, the winners will be notified later today and the list will appear tomorrow. Thanks for your patience!

Source: Press Release

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