Star Trek Floating Pen Sets

ThinkGeek has announced two sets of Trek-themed floating pen sets.

The sets each contain two pens which show scenes and characters from the original series.

The Kirk vs. Gorn and Sulu set “includes the Kirk vs. the Gorn fight scene from Arena and Swashbuckling Sulu from The Naked Time.”

The Tribbles & Spock set includes “Kirk being covered in tribbles from The Trouble with Tribbles and Kirk and Spock fighting from Amok Time.”


On the opposite side of each pen, the Star Trek 50th log is featured. The pens, which contain black ink and which measure 5.75″ long, come in a Star Trek 50th anniversary tin which measures 7″ x 2.25 x .75.

To order either of the sets, which cost $11.99 each, head to the link located here.


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