Piller’s Wife Unveils Star Trek: Insurrection Book

Michael Piller passed away too young at the age of fifty-seven, but one of the things he left behind was an unpublished book that will now see the light of day courtesy of his wife, Sandra.

The book, Fade In: The Making of Star Trek – Insurrection, “takes readers behind the scenes of Insurrection’s evolution and production, with Piller detailing the changes made to the script as the film came to life.”

Sandra wanted the book to be published to “make Michael’s dream come true.” It was not published before because “when he wrote it originally, there were objections from Paramount because they wanted to keep the behind the scenes secret,” said Sandra. “Since then I believe they see how much people do want to know and how it keeps them interested.”

The book was a “true labor of love,” for Michael, said Sandra. “He had mentored so many Star Trek writers and felt that writing a book of the step-by-step process of what can go into writing a script, would further his mentoring. He had helped his university, UNC, develop a program to help more students be prepared for the real writer’s world, and this was another way he could teach by example.”

Fade In: The Making of Star Trek – Insurrection features essays from Ira Behr and Eric Stillwell.

To order the book, which costs $95.00, head to the link located here.

Source: StarTrek.com

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