Takei In Zero Gravity

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George Takei got to experience floating in zero gravity yesterday.

The actor and his husband Brad joined twenty fans who had each paid $6,500 to ride in the special commercial aircraft which “achieves an altitude that simulates weightless free fall.

Rod Roddenberry, son of Gene Roddenberry, also took part in the flight, in a joint collaboration between Roddenberry Adventures and The Zero Gravity Corporation, who provides the zero gravity experience.

“We are so happy we could celebrate [Trek’s Fiftieth Anniversary] with George and his fans,” said Terese Brewster, President and COO of Zero Gravity.

Roddenberry Adventures is an “adventure club…embedded with the philosophies of Star Trek” which includes activities such as scuba diving trips, a Hawaii Trek convention and the ‘zero g’ adventure.

Source: Inverse

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