Star Trek Las Vegas Convention

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The Star Trek convention in Las Vegas is in full swing, and fans who dared to brave the crowds are seeing an impressive roster of Trek actors.

A newcomer to the convention scene is Whoopi Goldberg, The Next Generation‘s Guinan. The actress enjoyed the convention experience, including seeing three women dressed up as Guinan, who she invited up to the stage with her. “We had a bet at work,” said Goldberg. “They said there won’t be anyone dressed as Guinan.” Obviously Goldberg won that bet!

She told stories about the old days, joked around about the crazy hat she wore on the show, and expressed the hope that her Trek days weren’t over just yet. “I’m trying to get on [Star Trek: Discovery],” she said. “The great thing that Gene did for me was he wrote a character that can appear anytime, anywhere.”

Guest stars made their appearance on day two, including Gary Lockwood who told the story of how his Trek fame got him out of a speeding ticket for going one hundred-and-thirty miles an hour. After showing his ID, one cop asked him if he had been on Star Trek. “Lockwood made circles with his hands over his eyes and said, ‘You cops give me a ticket and I will squash you like a bug!’ The result? ‘I got out of it.'”

Hallmark was at the convention, and announced one of next year’s Trek ornaments, Star Trek Beyond‘s USS Franklin!

The “sons of Star Trek” including Adam Nimoy, Chris Doohan and Rod Roddenberry took the stage together. “Dad had a lot of trouble leaving Spock at work,” said Nimoy, “and bringing Leonard home.”

“My dad and Gene Roddenberry went sailing all the time,” said Doohan. “The boat’s name was…Star Trek.”

Source: StarTrek.comvia CNET

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