Special Star Trek Newsweek Issue

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Star Trek 50 Years from Newsweek Special Editions has been released in honor of Star Trek‘s fiftieth anniversary next month.

The issue is a “one-of-a-kind celebration of the USS Enterprise and its successors’ half a century of going where no one had gone before. From Kirk to Archer and Spock to Spock Prime, we cover every aspect of America’s favorite fictional astronauts through exclusive photos, extensive peeks into the Newsweek archive and thoughts from the people who brought Trek to life. [Star Trek 50 Years features] an introduction by Adam Nimoy and a special section in remembrance of Anton Yelchin.”

Ideal for new fans of the franchise, or for those who want to revisit their favorite sci-fi world, the issue is filled with articles and plenty of pictures.

The articles include:

  • From Spock to Spock Prime
  • Manning the ships (short character biographies)
  • 50 years 50 stories (fifty episodes from all five series)
  • Repeat Players (actors, like Mark Lenard, who appeared more than once on Star Trek)
  • On the Big Screen
  • The Look of the Future (uniforms)
  • Star Trek’s Nine Lives
  • Twenty Year Time Warp (what the actors did after the original series)
  • On Kirk and Kant (deep philosophical thought in Star Trek)
  • Our Old Standbys – (the top five episodes of the original series)
  • Greatest Moments of the Journey – (memorable statements from characters)
  • The Ultimate Fan Fiction – (fan films and court case)
  • Remembering Anton Yelchin
  • Spock is With Us Still

To order Star Trek 50 Years, which costs $10.99, head to the link located here. The issue is also available on newsstands.

Source: Press Release

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